Rayjay Report: Microsoft get’s Minecraft maker for $2.5 Billion. The house of Gates now owns a very popular gaming IP.








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Gun Range Accident involving 9 year old girl, Causes continued call’s for gun control from MSNBC’S Token Rino.



Could The Blaze buy HLN or Partner with CNN? Signs point to maybe.





The Wall street Journal Ran a story that Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and CNN were in talks to partner on HLN and re-brand it to The Blaze TV. But the talks fell through. I actually think the Story could be way different then the Wall street Journal is reporting.


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Solar Plant not getting enough Sunshine to Generate electricity so they want to use Fossil Fuels to generate more power

Homosexual bath houses losing steam to LGBT legitimization

Microsoft’s Redmond campus will be open to gamer’s who want to play ID @ XBOX games on Aug 28

HTC Releases new windows 8 phone

Guardians of the Galaxy animated series is not happening



Help me to bring the blaze app to more platforms than just IOS and Roku….



I know most of you Glenn beck fans are enjoying his news channel and site the blaze. You are also trying to get your cable TV company to carry the blaze. But we already know Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner are being a pain. If these Cable and Satellite companies don’t want to carry the blaze? Glenn Beck should add more blaze apps to more platforms besides IOS and Roku. What I think should be done is bring the blaze to Android, Windows/Windows phone Kindle/Fire phone, and blackberry mobile platforms, and Android/Chrome TV, Fire TV, and PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii platforms. Because these cable companies just won’t listen to us. You can still demand them to add the blaze to their lineups. But more selection online will help too. So if you like the blaze and don’t have IOS or Roku contact the blaze and tell them you want it on more platforms.   (Update) So far I got Stu Burguire to retweet this post. but if you are reading this right now? I want more people from the blaze to hear us out. (Update 2) Dana Loesch’s totally awesome Husband (with the awesomely cool handlebar mustache) Chris retweeted and favorited my tweet to him on this post.

When you tweet leave the hash Tag. #theblazeonmoreplatforms let’s get Glenn’s attention at least

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Al Gore Suing Al Jazzera America

Christian Singer comes out of the closet

XBOX one’s Sling box capabilities not coming to the U.S. for a long time

Xbox one console’s can still be used as development kits

CNN Tweaking Show

Podcast Recommendation: Welcome to level seven.



If you are a fan of ABC and Marvel TV show agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is a podcast you should hear. Welcome to level Seven. The podcast is a unofficial podcast of the TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is hosted by Daniel Butcher and Ben Avery.


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Image: Robin Williams


Robin Williams Dead at 63


Xbox one going sling box route with smart glass


Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox one Exclusive PS4 fan’s get angry


Man tell’s story of survival after jumping off the golden gate bridge


Robin Williams daughter tweets after his death

The death of Robin Williams shows that we as a society need to be open about mental illness.

Image: Robin Williams

we were all shocked to hear yesterday that Robin Williams killed himself. We were even more shocked to find out he had bipolar and depression. This illness can hit anyone you know. But they don’t show it. I myself have what what he had. Bipolar and Depression. I feel this illness needs to come out.

the below video from you tube really got my attention on this very subject.


Here is a basic list of resources/hotlines that you can call if you are feeling suicidal, or are worried about someone who is.
United States: 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE)
United States (en Espanol): 1-800-SUICIDA
United States-veterans 1-800-273-8255, Veterans Press 1
Europe Wide: 116 123 (free from any number)
Australia: 13 11 14
Belgium: 02 649 95 55
Brasil: 141
Canada: Numbers vary by region.
Deutschland: 0800 1110 111
Denmark: 70 20 12 01, www.livslinien.dk[1] or Skrivdet.dk
France: 01 40 09 15 22
Greece: 1018 or 801 801 99 99
Iceland: 1717
India: 91-44-2464005 0 or 022-27546669
Ireland: ROI – local rate: 1850 60 90 90 ROI – minicom: 1850 60 90 91
Israel: 1201
Italia: 800 86 00 22
Malta: 179
Japan 03-3264-4343
Netherlands: 0900 1130113
New Zealand: 0800 543 354
Nippon: 3 5286 9090
Norway: 815 33 300
Osterreich: 116 123
Serbia: 0800 300 303 or 021 6623 393; Online chat: http://www.centarsrce.org/index.php/k…[2]
South Africa: LifeLine 0861 322 322; Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567
Sverige: 020 22 00 60
Switzerland: 143
UK: 08457 90 90 90 or text 07725909090 or email jo@samaritans.org
Uruguay: 7pm to 11 pm – Landlines 0800 84 83 (FREE) 2400 84 83 24/7 – Cell phone lines 095 738 483 *8483
Useful Websites Dutch – www.113online.nl
Greece – http://www.suicide-help.gr/
International – http://www.befrienders.org/index.asp
Spain – http://www.telefonodelaesperanza.org/
United States – http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlin…
Uruguay – www.ultimorecurso.com/uy


No matter who you are or what you do. Remember you are not alone. I should know I have had to deal with Depression!!!!


If you don’t want to call those numbers I am open to listen. email me at rayjay@rayjaysworld.net

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