Disney/Lucasfilm needs to find ways to fix Director creative conflicts.

The removal of Colin Trevarrow  from Star Wars episode 9 looks a little bad for Lucasfilm.


Colin being the third Director being removed from Star Wars looks a little bad for Disney, Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy. Yes as a Star Wars fan I still trust them to give me a fun time at the Movies. But this is the third time they took a Director off a film in the Star Wars franchise. Josh Trank (who I had no problem with being Removed), Lord and Miller, and now Colin Trevarrow have all gotten the proverbial Lightsaber to their seat in the cockpit of Star Wars universe.


Lucasfilm Sister Division Marvel Studios learned how to deal with this after the Edgar Wright Antman fiasco.


Kathy Kennedy Could learn a lot from Kevin Fiege. After Edgar Wright bailed on Antman Marvel’s movie Division did a lot to change themselves. Even removing from under the thumb of Isaac Perlmutter. Lucasfilm might need to take some advise from fiege.


Disney Should Consolidate Lucasfilm and Marvel into a Disney Geek Culture Division!


Disney should unite Both Marvel and Lucasfilm by creating a Disney Geek Culture Division. They could have Kevin Fiege or Kathy Kennedy lead the Combined Division. But consolidating the two divisions into one may help Star Wars.


Ending the story group may help with Creative Conficts.


I’m not Saying fire the story group I’m saying change the name and have them just keep the canon together. Which they are already doing but, Allow Creatives to have a say in what happens with the canon.


Lucasfilm should also hold back on Director announcements until they are close to filming the Movie.


Trevarrow was announced as Episode 9’s Director Before Force Awakens Release. It would be better if Lucasfilm holds off announce stuff until we are way closer to filming. All I’m Saying  is if Lucasfilm tries things. To avoid replacing Directors. You get fewer creative conflicts with Director’s.

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