Inhumans EP 1 recap and review, the Imax Episode


This Show was released in IMAX and Premiered on ABC on Sept. 29. I recorded the show on my Tablo TV Because the City I live in Has no IMAX and I work on Friday nights.

My Thoughts on the Show:   Don’t get me wrong when I watched it I Liked it But I had some worries Before. Scott Buck is a show Runner He also was show Runner on Iron Fist which after I saw that felt like it was a Cheap, In closed, Disaster. even though I liked Some of Iron Fist. It was Bad and I know it had Problems. Back to Inhumans. I was Surprised it looked good as it did. but as you watch the show You notice they did some things, like Shaving Madusa’s Hair in the Episode to Cut Costs.

Blackbolt will never speak: the acting is real good and you believe most of them have these powers and live on the moon. Marvel wanted this Show to be their Game of thrones and it shows (even though the actor who plays Maximus is on Thrones). nothing like a Coup to keep you glued to your TV, or Imax Screen.

Lock Jaw the CGI Dog that get Kids Attention: the Special Effects are real good some may have worried it may have looked sharknato cheesy but it doesn’t and I think Lock Jaw is the first CGI Character on a Network TV show.

The Fiege in the room: I still For the life of me do not Understand Why Kevin Fiege gave up on a Inhumans movie handing it off to the Marvel TV Division. But we may find out why after the Untitled Avangers film. But something tells me Fiege handed it off to TV to say to them why cant you be like DC TV and have your own Universe and not Play around in mine!!!


Inhumans is on Fridays at 9pm/8pm Central on ABC Check you local listings .



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