Stories im following today. 10/01/2017



Starting today I will be posting daily headlines that interest me, a Geeky Drudge Report if you will. Enjoy.

The Blaze: Limbaugh, Trump Tax Plan not conservative.

Making Star Wars: Remembering Porkins.

The ILM Video shows behind the scene’s of Rogue One.

Jedi News: Disney To Provide Star Wars Behind the Scenes content on the new Noovie movie Preshow.

MCUExchange: ABC was going to Cancel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but Parent Company Disney saved the show.


Huffington Post: Note To Trump Don’t make Lin-Manuel Miranda angry!

IGN: 20 actors that Revived Iconic roles.

Forbes: PS4 Destiny 2 Exclusive update Error gives Xbox the Advantage with Destiny 2.

Collider: Avatar Sequels will be very expensive according to Fox.


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