When can we find Common Ground on Gun laws.


On the night of October 1st 2017 a shooter on 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. Shot down at country music Festival. He manipulated his Semi-Auto weapon to become Automatic. He made his gun into a Machine gun to get as many Casualties as he could. It resulted in 59 dead 580 wounded. It became the worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History. Since the Incedent the left beginning with Hillary Clinton blamed it on Guns, and the NRA (National Rifle Association).



No matter what the Second Amendment says we have a Right to Bear arms:

The Second amendment Say’s “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” So the constant mentions of People who Say We need the Gun Control Great Britain, and Australia have are wanting Gun Confiscation which is in Violation of the Second Amendment. The only way the left can not let anyone have a gun in the country is to have an Amendment to Nullify the Second Amendment, and a lot of U.S. Citizens will not like that move at all. (look at Alcoholic Prohibition in the Early 1900’s).


We need to stop shootings but fighting the NRA won’t fix the Problem:


Yes we can stop mass Shootings. But Blaming the Gun will not fix the Problem, attacking the NRA will not fix it ether it just clogs up the works and nothing gets done. ever since Michael Moore Did his anti-Gun Documentary Bowling for Columbine. the left has tried to silence or suppress Pro-Gun People. Dana Loesch Has gotten threats and Sick Pictures from anti-gun groups. She is even suing one person for Harassment! If we want Chaos to end both the Left and the Right, Mom’s Demand and The NRA need to both sit down and find Common Ground on Gun Rights and Gun Laws.


This Incident hit Close to home for Me: 


I Live in St. George Utah. it is 1 HR and 45 Min’s from Vegas, and 30 miles from Mesquite where the shooter had a home. In fact he Bought a Gun at a Store here in St. George. Several Residents from Southern Utah were at that Festival. In Fact a St. George Resident is one of the Dead, and A wife of a Cedar City (A City 45 min’s north of St. George) Firefighter is also a newly named Member of the Dead from this Event, So I can say this Incident really hits close to home for me. Locally Both St. George and Cedar City held Candle light Vigils for the Dead. the thing is Most of Utah is very Pro-Gun. Even after this.


Some one with a concealed Carry Permit or Officers there could have Stopped him if he was on the Ground. But the Coward was being a Sniper with a Modified automatic Weapon to get as many people as he could.


Most of these mass shooting’s are sometimes stopped if a Concealed Carry holder or a Police officer is there. But this guy wanted mass casualties and did not want to be Stopped. The coward knew he would be stopped on the Ground so he used his Hotel room as a Sniper post. the only way to stop him is to do what was done by the Brave Men and Women in the Vegas PD. But Also Gun Ban’s would not have Stopped him Ether. he was a Millionaire and had Enough money to Get what he wanted. If he wanted to get a Rocket Launcher to take Everyone out he would have. But incase you don’t Believe me here’s some Videos of the Incident from a Different angle in fact in one video the Camera looks up at the 32nd floor. and you can see the Mussel Flash from the Killers gun.





Vegas Police Body cam footage



In Closing Both sides finding common Ground on Guns Will Prevent another Vegas, Orlando, Newtown, and of Course Columbine.



I’m not saying this because I just Believe in the Second Amendment, I’m saying this because I’m tired of these people getting killed. We need to have Mental Fitness test’s for those who buy Guns, We also need to have No more Gun Free zones so a Citizen Can Protect others as much as Police. The left and Right Need need to Sit down and find Common ground on guns or more of these events will happen. Note to Hillary Clinton, you Should not Drag politics in to these Tragedies before all the Dead are Buried. Some in my Community was involved in this and Southern Utahan’s don’t like what you said before they had to bury a Son, and Boyfriend, and a Wife and Mother.




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